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Revolutionizing Southeast Asia's roads with swift battery swapping for low-speed electric vehicles such as tuk-tuks and e-trikes. 

Embrace the electric pulse of progress.

Unveiling a new era of efficiency and sustainability in fleet operations, Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) stands at the forefront of technological innovation in Southeast Asia. 

Join us in this transformative movement, where each step we take is a leap towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Your fleet's journey toward excellence begins here, driven by the force of innovation and a commitment to a better world.

Our Journey as HESSNER

At Hessner, our journey is not just about innovation; it's a story of real-world challenges, teamwork, and breakthroughs. It all began with our co-founders' pioneering efforts in launching a commercial "e-trike" passenger service in the Philippines. Operating this service firsthand, we encountered the pressing issues of high battery costs and limited lifespan - challenges that inhibit the mass adoption of e-trikes in the Philippines.  This experience wasn't just an obstacle; it became our inspiration.

In the summer of 2023, driven by this challenge, we at Hessner introduced our first major innovation: an active supercapacitor module integrated into a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) platform. This wasn't just another product; it was a game-changer designed to extend the battery life of low-speed electric vehicles, directly addressing the pain points we experienced in our early days.

But we didn't stop there! By December 2023, our vision expanded, and so did our solution. We launched our Battery-as-a-Service model, a pay-per-use service that revolutionized how operators managed and financed their battery needs. This is a leap forward for the industry, making sustainable transportation more accessible and viable for operators everywhere. We're not just developing products; we're crafting a more sustainable future, one innovation at a time.

"Our mission is to accelerate the transition to Electric for Low-Speed Vehicles"

The Problem

Across Southeast Asia, vehicle electrification adoption on low-speed commercial vehicles (3 and 4-wheeled LSEV) is hindered because of battery operating problems.  In the Philippines as an example, less than 1% of commercial vehicle owners have shifted to electric. 

The Key Barriers to Electric Conversion: 

High Battery Cost and Short Lifetime

Existing low-speed vehicles use lead acid batteries which have short lifespans and increase operation costs. 

Range Anxiety

Short range and up to 8 hours battery charging means loss of revenue

Our Solution - Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Hessner is currently developing a BaaS platform that will offer:

Battery Swap Station

No more range anxiety with quick battery swapping when needed. Batteries can be swapped in minutes, no more loss of revenue.

Data Analytics

Hessner takes on the burden of battery life.  The data analytic platform monitors the batteries' health and provides advanced notifications for the operator to take corrective action.


Reduce initial vehicle investment by up to 50%, pay-per-use as the operator gains income from passenger rides.

The Team

At the forefront of sustainable transportation and electrification, our team is a blend of visionaries with diverse expertise. With backgrounds in electrical engineering, international business development, and digital technologies, we are united in our commitment to pioneering the future of green transportation. 

Christian Daigneault


Clayton Gray

Co-Founder and CCO

Allan Gray

Co-Founder, Director, Digital Development and AI

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