Hessner Technologies is a start-up backed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. In the summer 2023, we launched our first product which is an active supercapacitor module as part of a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) platform for small-format and light-duty commercial electric vehicles.

About Hessner 

Re-energizing Electric Mobility

Increased Cycle Life

Hessner is leading the way in developing intelligent and augmented energy utilisation for last-mile transportation. Our power management system and high power density supercapacitor module HESS, which act as a power buffer for low-speed and light-duty e-mobility, increase significantly the number of cycles of typical electrochemical batteries.

Increased Efficiency

The solution also enables more efficient absorption of transient energy from onboard energy sources such as regenerative braking and solar to increase the driving range per charge. 

Issues in the market

According to a UN study, from 2030 over 8 million batteries per year will reach End Of Life (EOL). 8 Million batteries will no longer be suitable for their primary use case and will become viable for second life use cases. Large scale recycling of lithium-ion batteries is still a growing initiative in its early stages of development. At Hessner Technologies we believe one of the most sustainable strategies to avert this impending battery waste calamity is to extend the shelf-life of these batteries to delay the time when batteries reach EOL by extending the shelf-life of the batteries. 

The main problem areas are: 

Short Battery Life

Peak shaving reduces the stress on the battery throughout day to day operation which extends battery cycle

Service Downtime

Reduces heat and stress on battery and reduces the vehicle downtime

Value Proposition to Our Customers

The Main Target Customers for the HESS and other services include: 

The HESS offers:

Charging on-the-go

On-board energy harvesting

Cost savings

Lower battery maintenance and replacement cost

Fleet operators can save up to 20% in the cost of battery replacement per year

Fast Charging

High power density supercapacitors have high charging rate

The hybrid energy storage can be charged to 80-90% in less than 15 mins.

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